Services we offer at SOA!


Trip best from Delhi

Earlier a trip from Delhi would cost about Rs. 50,000 / person. Now we can give value for money advice so that the cost reduces to about 22000 per person. This is why we start by Delhi first.

‘A’ class yet economic travel

We are saving on travel costs to and fro Myanmar. No compromise has been made to provide the best value for money and comfort including stay, inland air travel, car and guide which are all top end international class.

Package best for 4 or more

It becomes more expensive when 1 – 3 people travel. The guide charges, vehicle cost, hotel accommodation and many other costs increase the budget substantially. Even so the best fun is to travel with family or friends. Invite someone.

Family or Office trips

Plan a family holiday or a trip with office associates. Be confident that you are travelling to one of the most beautiful places in the world. We have taken our office trip and each person was awestruck

Why SOA 

Proudly, we would like to showcase some of our unique characteristics 

Our charges are low

This is not our main business. We are an accomplished translation company and we do not rely on this for bread and butter. We are like your friends providing information and assistance.

We have personally travelled

Having been to this extremely beautiful country, we are confident that you will recommend it to all people ahead in life. Over time perhaps we will start charging like others.

You will make payments directly

Taxation duplication and low confidence of paying such high amounts to us is not needed nor expected. Pay directly to airlines, for visa and currency. We wish someone had helped us too.

Refund of 80% with no questions

We charge Rs 100 per traveler and if you are not happy – will refund Rs. 800. A small charge so that you don’t take us for granted. People change plans and loss must be limited and clear.

We will help and save at right places

Cloth weaving, a hut, a village etc may be of interest to a foreign traveler but not to us Indians. Being Indians, we an guide you on spending valuable time on interesting things.

Local presence in Myanmar

Should you have any problem in Myanmar, our family is there to help. Advise on shopping, shortfall of money and any medical aid can be provided exceptional help in Myanmar.