Q. Some people say that it is not safe to travel to Myanmar due to the  ROHINGYA problem

A. It’s like saying don’t travel to India because of J&K Militancy problem. The problem is localized and there is no problem in travelling to the other parts of the country. Looking at this pragmatically, lots of countries are unsafe to travel including UK, US and also all of Europe. You will not be travelling to those areas and are far from them. If it has to happen, it will happen due to fate and a bad plan.

Q. What is the currency and it’s conversion rate?

A. The currency used is Kyats pronounced as Chats. Generally we convert by dividing by 20. Eg. 10,000 Kyats are = Rs. 500 Indian.

Q. Why is it called Myanmar and not Burma?

A. Burmese are the largest tribe and hence was known as Burma earlier. To respect all the many tribes of a united zone, the name was kept Myanmar in place of Burma. They have many such tribes including Shan, Rohingyas etc. They also have a beautiful tribal village where you can see the various tribes and their styles.

Q. Why not go to Modern cities like Singapore, Dubai and others in place of Myanmar?

A. Myanmar is naturally beautiful and by the influx of modernization becomes like these countries at a rapid pace. We have noticed major changes in the past 5 years. When you drive through the country, it’s a treat to see a golden pagoda in almost every 5 Kilometers of the journey amidst a green country. Each Pagoda is different and breathtaking. If there was even 1 such pristine temple in India, it would have been revered and fondly travelled. When you see Shwedagon, the thought came to mind as to why the Taj Mahal is so important.You will also see dark red clothed Pungis (Monks) and rose dressed nuns walking the streets adding their own serenity to one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Q. How about the weather because it is believed that it rains a lot?

A. It rains for about 5 months (off season) but having been there many times during the rains, the downpour is heavy but normally stops in short time and therefore you can see most places if you wait for 30 minutes even during the rains.

Q. When is it off season?

A. Off season starts in May and ends in September. It’s the best times to travel in off season because the rushes are low and you get the best rates for hotels etc. Season time has it’s own advantages with lots of tourists and festivities.

Q. Why Myanmar was never on the travel list earlier?

A. It was a closed military ruled country for many years. Due to of this, it is still naturally beautiful, not very commercialized and each day commercialization takes it’s toll on the beauty of the country. Go as soon as you can. The military rulers respected the religion and in their time too most monuments were well maintained. They created an entire new city which is the capital city today. Today it is partly governed by a Nobel Peace Prize winner whose father was the top official before the Military rule.

Q. Why are you not travel agents?

A. We are a large bunch of translation companies and busy with national and international projects. We also provide Content Writing and Subtitling services for many companies. We are happy with our profits and Travel is a passion - not our business. Having travelled to Myanmar, it just came to us that we should assist travellers to visit this wonderful country. We have been recommending this country for many years and each person who has returned has commented that the place is heavenly and one of their best holidays (specially those who were widely travelled). Almost all people had starry eyes and most people went for their second trips. We enjoyed their thanks and are getting used to this.

Q. Do you have any experience in Travelling?

A. The Managing Director or our companies has travelled the world and is an avid traveler. Singapore, Hongkong, China, Bhutan, India, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Bangladesh and almost all countries. Till we saw Myanmar, Bhutan was the believed the Shangri-La of the world, but without a doubt, Myanmar surpasses all expectations.

Q. Should we take Insurance?

A. Not necessary at all. Go like you visit any other country. Expect to be dazzled. You have most probably never see such a beautiful country yet.