1Are your products handmade?

Yes, most of our products are handmade. Please contact us to find out about specific products in details.

2Where are your products made?

Products are made in specific countries mentioned in the category. Please check the product descriptions.

3There is a particular product that I am looking for. Could you help me?

Yes we would be delighted to. Please contact us at iam@signsofasia.com or Whatsapp or call at +65 91072490.

4What payment methods do you accept?

PayPal & bank transfer.

5What if I typed the wrong email address?

Please contact us at iam@signsofasia.com or Whatsapp or call at +65 91072490.

6Are there any exchange rates?

We only have USD pricing. You may pay us in US Dollars through bank transfer or PayPal. For exchange rates and changes you need to contact your payment merchant.

7Will I be charged with customs and taxes?

Yes on your side of receiving the product delivery.

8What is the cost of shipping?

We supply at FOB pricing. We can offer CIF rates based on a specific location but customs will have to be handled at your end.

9What is the minimum quantity I can order?

Between 500 and 1000 pieces depending on the specific product.

10Are all the products listed on the website genuine and authorised?


11Are the prices mentioned on the website final or negotiable?

All product prices are negotiable depending on the product and quantity ordered.

12Are all the products shown on the website available in stock?

Due to the products being handmade, we may not have the stock as required, but can be arranged in a time frame.

13Can I order online?

No, you need to email us your requirements and then the order would be placed.

14How to place my order?

Contact us via email or phone or whatsapp and we will share the complete details for the same.

15Do you deliver to my country or city?

We deliver internationally across the globe at FOB pricing.

16Do you accept payments through credit cards?

Yes, through PayPal or bank transfer. Western Union too can be considered.

17How to get the finished samples for evaluation or approval?

A sample will be quite expensive. But it’s your right. Contact us and we will arrange the same. Shipping cost is normally much more than the cost of the product. Best suggestion is to get closeup videos – still your choce. Full payment will be in advance.

18Who pays for the samples?

Advance payment of a single piece (which will be at 50% higher cost than the unit price) plus sending charges will need to be made. Customs is your cost and responsibility. We know it’s unfair but you need to understand that this is not a mail order business.

19I need the items urgently so how do I go about placing the order?

Please contact us at iam@signsofasia.com or Whatsapp or call at +65 91072490

20The artwork design should be emailed in which format?

PDF or JPG or let us know the format you require, we would try to assist you to our best knowledge.

21Why should I consider buying from your company?

Hand made products, mostly native products, exclusively branded, largest online offer, lowest prices, Geo social responsibility!

22Can you print my logo on the product?

Please contact us at iam@signsofasia.com or Whatsapp or call at +65 91072490

23Can you print individual names on the product?

No, all quantities ordered will have the same printing on it!

24Can you gift wrap my order?

Yes depending on product and timeline given.

25How do I know what the product will look like with my logo on it?

We will send you a virtual image of the product with your logo before we send you the delivery.

26I need something custom designed as per my requirement. Can you supply?

We may custom design the product depending on the product and the quantity ordered.

27I can’t find what I’m looking for. Can you supply what’s not on your website?

Please contact us with details and we will try to assist you, as we have vendors across Asia from local markets.

28What is the quality assurance you offer?

All our products are handmade and the quality is checked for each product. If you find the quality variation or not as per sampe – in most cases we offer a complete refund.

29How much time do you take to deliver?

Depends on the quantity ordered, product, place of delivery etc.

30Can I get a formal quotation / proforma invoice?

Yes, once you finalize the product and quantity, we can send you a formal quotation.

31What are your payment methods and terms?

We require you to pay 50% on agreeing to buy from us and 50% when it is boarded on the ship.

32Who do I contact if I am interested in having my products featured on your website?

Please contact us at iam@signsofasia.com or Whatsapp or call at +65 91072490

33I am an individual / consumer interested in purchasing products for my friends, family or significant other. Do you sell products for me, that is not related to business gifts?

We may be able to help you if you meet our requirements for the minimum quantity. Contact us for more information. Depending on the product we may assist with fewer quantities as well.

34Can I add a gift message to my order?

Please contact us at iam@signsofasia.com or Whatsapp or call at +65 91072490

35How do I add multiple items to my shipment?

When you place your order with us, we will help you with it.

36Will my information be protected?


37How do I sign up for your newsletter?

Please go to the home page and put your information in the subscribe zone or email us in writing and we will directly subscribe you for our newsletters.

38What is fob?

Free on board