Aromatherapy Bath and Body Products

For thousands of years, aromatherapy has been used by individuals for a variety of purposes from honoring the GODS and ancestors, to healing to using them for cosmetic and bathing purposes. Nothing much has changed over time, even until today. Incense sticks burned at holy places and in the house is still infused with the aromatic essences of plants as well as herbs. Perfumes are still made from essential oils that are extracted from plants and also flowers. And, we still use herbal and floral products to our baths.

Aromatherapy bath and body products work in numerous ways. For one, aromatherapy bath and body products work by proving us with healing, and physical advantages. In some cases, aromatherapy bath and body products work depending upon the kind of essential oil, carrier oil, hydrosol and so forth, used.

To learn how exactly aromatherapy bath and body products work, you need to understand what the results of each kind of essential oils are. Luckily, we have below a checklist of essential oils and just how they benefit.


Monoterpenes are antiviral and antibacterial. Examples of monoterpenes are Lemon, Pine and also Frankincense Essential Oils. Monoterpenes can be extremely irritating to the skin, however at the same time, they can additionally be used to assist in cleaning the skin from dirt and bacteria.


Esters in aromatherapy bath and body products works as a fungicide as well as a sedative. It aids loosen up muscular tissues as well as joints, easing you of stress and anxiety as well as any discomfort. Esters are additionally extremely aromatically pleasing therefore adding to the overall relaxing feeling. Examples of esters are Bergamot, Clary Sage as well as Lavender Essential Oils.


Aldehydes in aromatherapy bath and body products works as an antibacterial, generally. However, like Esters, Aldehydes might likewise be sedating. Some examples are Melissa, Lemongrass as well as Citronella Essential Oils.


Ketones work to alleviate congestion. They accomplish this by helping the circulation of mucous. They can be a great addition to a warm bath, particularly if you are really feeling the impact of cold or flu. However, you need to exercise caution due to the fact that they can be harmful too. Examples of this includes Fennel, Hyssop, as well as Sage Essential Oils.


Alcohols in aromatherapy bath and body products work as an antibacterial for the skin. Alcohols, such as Rosewood, Geranium as well as Rose Essential Oils are additionally antiviral with uplifting qualities.


Phenols work as an energizer. They are additionally antiseptic, consequently excellent at avoiding against skin diseases. Nevertheless, they can be extremely irritating the the skin so include only a few drops of phenols in your bath to weaken them. Examples consist of Clove, Thyme, as well as Oregano Essential Oils.